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AntiGoyism is the equal and opposite of AntiSemitism.

Like all the teachings of the Jews ("modern" day Jews are not the "real" Jews of ancient lore) which now teach their children to adulthood to detest all non Jews - Goy's or Gentile's - Non-Jews. However according to Jewish laws, the Jews are forced to appease the gentiles in order to maintain piece and stability. Modern day Jews force legislation to prevent derogatory acts against them, even though the modern day Jews and Israel are not Semitic. We have yet seen any legislation which enables the enforcement of AntiGoyism.


Cuthean Explanation that a Cuthean is a non-jew.

Three Souls Explains that a non-jew is a animal.

Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin Folio 57a

Daat Emet By Rabbi David Bar-Chayim

Whose Members Are Like Those of Asses