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What is the definition of "Titan"

According to:

  • Author Conor MacDari in his book Irish Wisdom Preserved In Bible And Pyramids

Titans, the giant race who rebelled in Atlantis, and "that their princes were the same with the giants of Scripture." This is clear enough to be easily understood by anyone who has not been blinded by fiction. We can see here preserved in the mythic story of the Titans an allusion to Eire's great Magian Cult. He says further that the same author states that the word Titan "is perfect Celtic, and comes from Tit, the earth, and Ten or Den, man." View Book Page

My Comments: (Tit, the earth, and Ten or Den, man.) Being that the Celtic translation is earth man, we could look at a possible the Torah connection when in Genesis discuses Adam (earth = אֲדָמָה) and (man = אָדָם)